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Have you tried peat saunas? See instructions and effects

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peat sauna

A peat sauna is a relaxing experience that takes care of your health and beauty.

Peat is applied to damp skin - all the way from head to toe - and it is left on for about 20-25 minutes.

(In the treatment center of LehtoPeat, you can have a relaxing massage in connection with the peat sauna , which takes a total of about 40 minutes)

The temperature of the sauna is kept at a maximum of 60 degrees , so even those who don't like hot baths have a good time in the sauna. Peat also cools down nicely, because it is not preheated for sauna treatment, as in bath treatments. Of course, you can also get the peat preheated if you want :)

Along with sauna , the turf should be watered with water to keep it moist . A good way to keep the peat moist is, for example, a spray bottle.

When the rewarding peat sauna experience is over, rinse the peat off with clean water and, if desired, a sponge.

You don't need soap, because Hoitoturve is antiseptic and thus has a cleansing effect. Ask if your skin needs cream after the sauna. In general, creams or fats should not be used on the same day, so that the healing effect of the peat does not weaken.

After sauna, you feel lighter, relaxed and your skin feels refreshed, soft and firm.


- Warms up the muscles

- Exfoliates and moisturizes the skin

- Softens your skin

- Treats acne

- Relaxing

- Gets your metabolism going

- Removes liquid

- Relieves rheumatic pains (especially rheumatoid arthritis). The humic substances in peat, i.e. humins, bind waste materials, rheumatism factors and improve your cell regeneration and hormone function.

- Helps with menopause and gynecological ailments

In the sauna, the peat treatment becomes more effective, because the warm sauna expands your skin pores and thus trace elements and biological ingredients are better absorbed and activated in your skin.

When used regularly, peat treatments improve peripheral blood circulation, the skin's own cleaning and regeneration mechanisms and help maintain your skin's own moisture balance.

At home, you can repeat the sauna peat treatment 1-2 times a week.


1. Protect the boards well with plastic , cloths or even an old sheet. This way you will save yourself from cleaning the sauna after "soot baths". Peat has a tendency to soak into the wood tightly, so protection is worthwhile.

2. Whether you're going to a traditional sauna or a peat sauna, it's good to remember to hydrate, i.e. drink before taking a sauna. Peat sauna treatment gets your metabolism going and removes water from your body faster than a traditional sauna. When you take care of hydration, you will also save yourself from a possible headache.

3. Before applying the peat, it's a good idea to take a bath until you start to sweat. This way, the skin pores open and you enhance the good effects of the peat.

4. Apply room-temperature peat or peat heated in a water bath to your entire body or locally, e.g. to a pain point. We recommend applying peat to damp skin - you can also apply it to dry skin - enough so that your skin can't hear through it.

5. If the peat tends to dry out and crackle, remember to water the peat with water. The peat should be kept moist throughout the sauna. If the peat has been allowed to dry, it also sticks to your skin more tightly and you can rinse and swish it a little more diligently when you wash.

6. Stay in the sauna according to your ability. We usually stay in the peat sauna for 20-25 minutes, so that the peat can take effect long enough.

p.s. Have you tried peat saunas in a treatment center or in your own sauna? Tell me about your experience.

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Hei Kaija,

Suomen kesä, kiirettömyys, järvi, sauna ja pöydän antimet, siitä on vaikea laittaa paremmaksi :)

Kuulostaa enemmän kuin mukavalta ja varmasti on ollut todella hieno ilta.

ps. Kiitoksia kommentista Kaija.

11 Oct 2018

Kaija Hannula

Olimme työporukan kanssa yhden työkaverin mökillä savusaunassa. Turvetimme itsemme ja nautimme saunan pehmeistä löylyistä. Sitten pulahdimme Saimaaseen pesemään itsemme turpeesta. Oli elokuun loppupuoli ja vesi vielä mukavan lämpöistä. Sitten nautiskelimme pöydän antimia. Oli mukavan pehmoinen ja rento olo vielä seuraavanakin päivänä.

11 Oct 2018

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