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Turf management experiences

turvehoito kokemuksia

First time | Peat sauna experience "Part 1"

My first contact with the world of turf treatments was one winter day.

I tested the peat sauna .

In the meantime, I will tell you that I went to the sauna with a very suspicious mind. Of course I was
have read and heard about the good effects of peat treatments, but I am very skeptical about this type of thing.

My inner child came to life there on the boards of the sauna and laughed and giggled
brown and cool peat on my skin. Besides, without remembering anything anymore
instructions or health benefits.

I have to admit that at the time I was absolutely sure that turf treatments are complete nonsense, again some stupid method that fades into oblivion within a year.

The only fun thing is that you can dive into the feelings of a childhood mud puddle, with peat splashing all over your body.

After the sauna and washing the peat, I got a neck shoulder massage. I felt it
nice, but it didn't really bring relief to this stone neck.

We got to test some products while drying it, and I fell in love with HiusSpray then. You can spray half a bottle of store-bought hair straightening agent sprays and it will still be enough for tangles. But this spray only took a few sprays and Johan straightened up nicely. However, I just couldn't figure out why this spray made my hair so easy to comb.

In any case, I don't think it could have anything to do with the peat, because it's a wash.

About a week after this peat sauna, I noticed that I no longer have the need to oil my skin all over after taking a shower and that all the worst symptoms of dry skin have disappeared.

Dry skin hasn't really bothered me since that sauna. Even though in the winter it has always felt like after a shower you could dive into a tub filled with moisturizer. Of course, I still couldn't believe that peat had anything to do with the disappearance of dry skin.

Stubborn Skeptic

Skeptic here again hello! | Peat massage experience "Part 2"

This time I had finally made an appointment and went to test
peat massage treatment . I had been fiddling and fiddling with the matter for too long, but I couldn't find the time.

To be honest, I've never had a massage, and I didn't really know how to expect anything, and I was actually scared and ashamed that I was already in such bad shape. Totally crooked and hooked. Well, but now the time was booked and I had to go there.

This time I was surprised by the fact that the peat that the nurse applied to my skin was actually warm. Whereas the first time it was cool and in the heat of the sauna it even felt cold.

Peat applied to the skin and warm peat bags relaxed comfortably. I had the need to talk babbling all that time, because it started to relax so well that I fell asleep on it on the treatment table.

The treatment lasted about an hour, during which time I got to experience warm peat on the skin, warm peat bath bags spread over the body, a suction cup massage on the back, a massage that started in the head, continued to the hands, fingers, feet, toes and focused especially on the bad muscle stiffness in the back.

Let me also say that when I came to the treatment and sat down on the treatment table
tense, I was very negatively charged. Not at all against this treatment, but all the adversities in my personal life had made my mind very negative and angry, and I had been in a bad mood all the time for the previous couple of weeks.

When I got up from the treatment table, I felt amazingly light! I didn't remember why I was at all
was so very grumpy even in the morning. All that negative ballast remained
onto that dressing table and swim with the peat into the city's sewer network.
It was an incredibly wonderful feeling, so light, happy and cheerful. I smiled for no reason and told Katriina that I don't even remember the last time I smiled like that.

This must be experienced again! So I made another appointment.

Katriina, who did the massage and treatment, recommended intensive care for me 5 times, so that I would feel better, she said that the muscles were stuck even more times.
My hope at the time was that we would find some more of my missing neck
at the end of the treatment session.


Second turf treatment session | Peat massage "Part 3"

At the end of the first treatment, Katriina reminded me to drink plenty of water and to use the mirror to check if there are any changes.

I remembered drinking water, but I forgot watching it through the mirror. However, I made one observation during the week, I felt more refreshed and I slept a little
better, and when I got up in the morning I wasn't as sore as I had been before.

However, the work week, with one day off, had taken its toll and I went on Sunday
at the end of the work shift, I was completely out of sorts and on Monday morning I was sore and bent over. But luckily, it was turf treatment session 2!

The treatment was carried out this time just like the first time, Katriina concentrated
especially the back muscles.

I don't know if I can describe my feeling when this time I sat up from the treatment table and my head was whizzing as the blood began to circulate. I had straightened up, and my back no longer hurt, as it had when I walked in the door of the nursing home.

And most importantly and what I had been waiting for the most, I finally had a neck! A small neck stub was found, but there it was! I had it, it was just buried between the shoulders, forgotten there for years.

When the neck came out, the posture was partly found and I felt beautiful. Great feeling.

My friend told me that what the hell has happened to you, you look so refreshed and happy! A couple of weeks ago, you were feeling so very tired and gray. But now you are like a different person!

Then it dawned on me, I had to go and look in the mirror and sure enough, there was a woman looking in the mirror, whose face had narrowed and the dark circles under her eyes had faded and the color had returned to her cheeks, and the dimples were visible again.

I told my friend that I have done so much that I have visited 2 times
in turf care. That maybe that's the point :)


Part 4. The third time is true

After the first two treatments, I had experienced a couple of new things.
The first of these is the sensitization of the sense of smell.

After the first treatment, I could smell things so well that my child was in pain and asked "what's wrong with my nose?"

After the second treatment, the sense of smell became more sensitive again and my sense of smell started working
with overdrive. What causes the lie? You just have to remember to mention it to Katriina and ask if other customers have noticed something similar.

The sense of smell stabilizes to a normal level after a few days of treatment, but
sensitizes again after another treatment session. Wonderful.
I don't even know if the sensitization of the sense of smell is related to peat treatments, but so far I haven't been able to connect anything else to these cases.

Another significant progress, in addition to all that good feeling, is the movement of liquids. The body has changed for the better. Movement has become easier and the ranges of motion for the hands and upper body have been expanded. My balance is better and I can squat and get up without pain. Of course, the opening of muscle jams has also contributed to these positive effects on the ease of movement.

On this third occasion, Katriina began to open blockages in my musculature from the chest side. Geez, listen how nicely the posture changed and breathing became easier! After an hour, a slightly more groomed woman walked out of the clinic, who had found a millimeter more than her missing neck.

You know where it will end up, after experiencing such wild changes after three treatments. And the quality of life has increased rapidly!

At the end of the treatment, I said to Katriina, "This is so wonderful that I would like it for everyone
to my friends and acquaintances to get a chance to try this!”

And I really mean it. I recommend testing it!

Section 5. Positive changes

In the week after the third treatment, I already remembered to examine myself and my well-being
a little more. I had noticed so many wonderful things after my previous visits to the nursing home that I really started to be interested in this turf thing.

I looked at the changes in the mirror, where I saw something that was not so pleasing to my own eyes, then in the sauna I added more peat and mud to those spots and tried to massage the liquid into motion. I hate it because I don't have any idea in which direction the massage should be done so that the fluid goes away and doesn't rise again where I don't want it.

In the lobby of the Lehtopea nursing home, there are many peat products on display and you can buy them, and Katriina gives you good and detailed instructions on how to use the products at home.

I recommend checking out the selection. And the price of the products doesn't end up skyrocketing. They are sufficient if used according to the instructions.

I had to share about those observations..

I sleep better, or actually sounder and better.
When I wake up in the morning, I am more cheerful and energetic.

Of course, I noticed the energy spike after the first and second visit, but I thought I was going to get sick when there was enough power to clean the house more than usual.
Usually when I'm coming down with a cold, a couple of days before I get a surge of energy and clean and tidy and do laundry. But now it wasn't about getting sick, I've been really well.

The quality of my sleep has improved, I sleep much more soundly.
I've always been a really sensitive sleeper, I wake up to even the smallest noises, and I can't fall asleep unless the place where I sleep is very quiet.

And sleeping has been, throughout my life, the most pleasant of my hobbies, I've usually slept at least one, at least four hour, nap every single day. I've also needed a night's sleep in addition to naps, at least 9 hours.

During these three weeks, I haven't needed a nap once. And sleep at night
are perfectly sufficient already as 8 hours.

Of course, as a skeptic, I still cannot authentically accept that this
peat flute would now be the source of my positive experiences ;)

Part 6. One last time to power up

Come on, now I've already been to a peat massage four times a week. Today is
the fifth, i.e. the last agreed intensive care time. This type of intensive course was chosen for me on Katriina's recommendation. And yes, I've been very pleased that I took the plunge and started going once a week. From these times I have gained very good experiences and a lot of positive changes in my body and mind.

This time, the body was thoroughly examined. Katriina spread peat on my back, legs, front from my neck to the waistband of my underwear. Then wrap me in plastic wrap. Not at all, the film was only put to protect the peat from messing up the towels that were placed on top of me, so that I wouldn't freeze on the treatment table.

During the effect of the peat, I got a wonderful scalp massage again, and Katriina stated,
that I have a completely different feeling scalp. At first it was so tight and now it's fine
"loose". I don't remember exactly what word he used. But practically the same

A normal hand massage was also carried out, so wonderful when all the blockages disappeared
from shoulders to fingertips. I myself have noticed that these arm massages have eliminated those underarms that some people call turkey legs or underarms. Now they are gone!

My massage is done accordingly because I can't go to my stomach
to lie on the treatment table. That is, when the turf has been affected, first the front side and legs are treated all over, and then I sit on a stool and lean on the treatment table, and then the back is treated there.

That is, if you too have an obstacle that you can't go to a massage because you should
on the stomach on the treatment table, don't worry, at Katriina's you can do this too!

This was the end of my 5-dose treatments. But so many products and other treatments from Lehtopeat Oy have yet to be tested, so these diary entries will still be read, as I have time to test products and other turf stuff.

Priming/ preliminary information about my situation before starting turf treatments

In the meantime, I'll tell you a little fact about the starting situation. Embarrassing that I let it go at all
myself to the state I was in before starting these peat treatments.

So I had let myself into a state where I was no longer able to move properly.
I took care of the work shifts with the help of a strong painkiller and a muscle relaxant (my job is
physical, the whole body is working), after working shifts I couldn't get properly anymore
to sit in the car, the car broke while driving and getting out of the car had been a pain in the ass
winged for a long time.

Getting out of bed in the morning was also laborious and physically painful.
The soles of the feet were like the legs of a rocking chair, the walk was bumpy, very short

I felt as fit as an elderly person, even though my body is only 40 years old.
I understood that something had to be done! But the fact that what and where to get help when I don't
wanted to pop meds anymore?! Because they did not take away the cause of the pains,
only numbed the senses so that the pain was more bearable and I could
the basics to take care of then.

I so hoped that exercise would help and tried to take small walks. Going for a run
ended with me falling and hitting my head quite hard, then they went away
my back muscles were aching again and again I needed a walking stick to help me move.

When I finally got up the courage to come to the first sample treatment session, I didn't
I didn't expect any improvement like what I got there. I got to throw away the painkillers
and muscle relaxants in the medicine cabinet and they haven't been needed from there yet (either)
fish out.

And even though I started testing these treatments with a very skeptical mind, I'll say it again
once: It was lucky that I left! And I recommend it to you too, even if you haven't let go
yourself into the same mess I got myself into.

And I wish everyone that you remember to be your own best friend and love yourself
take care! I'm not willing to give these up anymore, I do owe myself these treatments!

p.s. Have you possibly already tried peat treatment? Send us your experience by e-mail to and we will publish it on our blog if you wish. Or of course you can write about your experience directly in the comment section :)

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