PeatCare is the official online store of LehtoPeat Oy , where you can find Finnish, organic and clean peat products.


LehtoPeat Oy has a long tradition in the further processing of Finnish peat. The company's founder, Heikki Ruha, has worked as an entrepreneur in the turf industry for over 30 years.

In Lehtosuo, which is owned by the company, an excellent quality treatment peat layer was found, which inspired us to also try treatment peat production. Today, production is exclusively raising the treatment peat and further processing it into finished products.

LehtoPeat Oy has been a pioneer in the field. The trademark "Lehtosuon Hoitoturve - Lehto Peat®" was registered in early 2002.

Peat researcher, geologist Riita Korhonen from the Geological Research Center has been a great help in organizing the production of treatment peat. The treatment peat deposit was analyzed and the results were promising. The layer of peat found in the leafy bog is very old and has an ideal composition as treatment peat. Due to the location of the swamp. The bog is about 200 meters above sea level and is a watershed in the area, and no runoff flows there, only the peat leaves, it is clean and velvety, it is easy to carry out various treatments.

Treatment peat production requires special expertise. In 1997, the company's owners trained in the long-term training project "Live from the Swamp" organized with funding from the European Union.

In the training, the best experts in the field trained the participants in the fields of nursing expertise. Hardly anywhere else is as much known about treated peat as in Finland.

However, theoretical knowledge and peat production were not enough for Ruha's "peat brothers", and so they applied for special training at Jyväskylä Social and Health Education Institute. The "Turvevelljekset" graduated as experts in peat treatments in 1999.

LehtoPeat Oy also organizescourses to train new turf managers.

Today, LehtoPeat Oy offers about 30 different maintenance peat products .

There are around 250 trained turf managers across the country - the future is in turf!