Peat courses

Peat care courses 2023

The courses are mainly held at the LehtoPeat nursing home at Meijeritie 13 in Ähtäri and at the Luontohotelli in Mesikämmen.

Courses can also be implemented so that the theory part is remote, e.g. TEAMS or Google Meet, and the practice is in Ähtäri or now also in Oulu.

Ähtäri two-day courses starting on Friday at around 15:00 and continuing on Saturday at around 17:00 as follows:

Peat courses: 2023: 17-18.3 ; 14-15.4 ; 12-13.5 ; 16-17.6; 30.6-1.7; 14.7-15.7; 4.8-5.8; 25.8-26.8: 15.9-16.9; 6.10-7.10 ; 27.10-28.10 ; 10.11-11.11; 1.12-2.12.

Mainly these times, but other suitable times can be planned, i.e. courses can be organized at other times by agreement. Kind regards, Heikki

You can easily pay for the courses in advance in our online store or alternatively on site.

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Best regards, Heikki Ruha