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Size: 250 ML
Scent: Unscented "Naturel"

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Peat shampoo | Unscented, tar, rosemary and grapefruit

Peat shampoo (bog water shampoo) is made from natural and clean bog water, to which very finely ground treatment peat has been added.

The shampoo is suitable for all hair types, problematic scalp, psoriatics and atopic skin treatment.

Washes your hair very gently, naturally and works very well whether you have dry, greasy hair or something in between.

Also available tar scent (contains real tar), rosemary and grapefruit!

Use of peat shampoo:

When you wash your hair regularly with peat shampoo, it takes care of the scalp, strengthens hair and hair growth.

Peat shampoo has a balancing effect. If your hair is dry, it moisturizes, and if your hair is too greasy, the peat shampoo balances. The shampoo therefore always takes you in the right direction thanks to its balancing effect.

All our peat shampoos are made with pure Finnish bog water.

Special tendin, which is classified as a caring and skin-friendly substance, acts as a washing agent.

Try the 100% Finnish peat shampoo and fall in love! Many wonderful experiences.

I especially like the swamp water shampoo. The hair is as soft as any. Päivi Peronius

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Size: 250 ML
Scent: Unscented "Naturel"


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Oikein hyvä, tasapainottava shampoo

Turveshampoo ollut nyt käytössäni vajaan kuukauden ja on ollut oikein hyvä! Lähtötilanne ei ollut superongelmallinen, joten suurta eroa ei ole, mutta ainakin tasapainottanut päänahan rasvaisuutta, jonka johdosta hiukset eivät rasvoitu helposti.


super hyvä ja clean hair



Merja L

Hyvin puhdistava shampoo, mieto tuoksu


Pojalla kuiva päänahka,koki shampoon auttavan

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