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Do you already know turf treatments? The nature company of the year draws its vitality directly from a Finnish bog

LehtoPeat Oy, which specializes in peat treatments, has brought peat into Finnish well-being. For 25 years already, the swamp has given its nurturing influence to the company's capable hands in Lehtosuo, Ähtäri. Known as a pioneer of peat products and various peat treatments, LehtoPeat has now also been awarded for its merits with the 2020 Nature Company of the Year recognition.


Heikki Ruha, the founder of LehtoPeat, says that it all started with a very old layer of peat found in Lehtosuo. "The treatment peat was analyzed under the guidance of peat researcher, geologist Riitta Korhonen, and the deposit turned out to have exactly the right composition."

A millennia-old natural product

Lehtosuo Hoitoturve is 5,000-year-old bog vegetation, which has ground down over time and formed into fine, soft peat. Treatment peat is taken directly from the bog and is always carefully examined before treatment use. Ecological Care Turve is suitable for use both at home and in an expert turf treatment facility.

Lehtosuo Hoitoturve is a 100% Finnish natural product. Clean and odorless Hoitoturve, when used regularly, improves peripheral blood circulation and promotes the skin's own regeneration mechanisms. At the same time, the treatment helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

Safe and versatile Hoitoturve

Ruha is an experienced and trained peat treatment specialist. He has been speaking in favor of treatment peat for years. "Peat therapy is a completely natural treatment that helps with many problems, such as skin problems, rheumatic problems, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms and prostate problems."

Treatment peat is a safe product that can be used in many different ways. "In addition to the familiar peat sauna and peat bath, Hoitoturve is also great for various local treatments, such as peat baths," says Ruha and reminds that peat treatments can also be done at home.

You can get to know peat treatments in the treatment centers located in Ähtäri, Kokkola and Kurika. Various peat products can also be easily purchased from the PeatCare online store, wherever available

available treatment peat intended for peat treatments at home, as well as a wide selection of peat products for hair and skin care, among other things.

Lehtosuo Hoitoturve is a registered trademark.

Trust the ancient power of the bog - learn more about Lehtosuo's Hoitoturve products !

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