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Safe and healthy turf treatment promotes the well-being of the whole body

Turvallinen ja terveellinen turvehoito edistää koko kehon hyvinvointia

The beneficial effects of sauna are widely known. Did you know that peat treatment in the heat of the sauna emphasizes these effects? Peat sauna relaxes, deeply warms, cleans and heals. You can use the comprehensive benefits of turf treatment in an expert treatment center or in the comfort of your own home.


Turf treatment with pure Finnish turf products is an experience that benefits both body and mind. Among other things, peat treatment invigorates the metabolism and relieves pain. Peat treatment has also been found to improve sleep quality.

Peat treatment can be carried out in many different ways - either for the whole body or as a treatment intended for a certain part of the body. Treatment at the clinic is a relaxing experience that many return to again and again.

Relaxing turf treatments in Ostrobothnia

LehtoPeat Oy, a company from Åhtari specializing in peat products and treatments, offers peat treatments in several of its treatment centers in Ostrobothnia. The treatments use the tested and safe Lehtosuo treatment peat raised from the company's own bog. The company's founder Heikki Ruha says that the customer has a choice of different peat treatments for the face, legs, body, hair and scalp. "And of course there is also a peat sauna available."

The effects of turf treatment can be enjoyed to the fullest extent in a full body treatment lasting one and a half hours, which also includes a massage, Ruha introduces: "The massage is carried out using Aaltonen's technique, which includes five different massage movements. The treatment begins with a massage of the head, ear lobes and hands, and ends with stretching." Massage is also part of the relaxing shoulder-back bath treatment.

You can find out about LehtoPeat's peat treatments in Ähtäri's store-hoitola Meijeri and in Spa Kiulu, while peat baths are available at the SuoSpa office. Expert turf care is also available in the treatment centers located in Kokkola and Kurika.

Turf treatments at home with quality products

Turf treatments can also be carried out at home. High-quality peat products can be conveniently ordered from LehtoPeat's online store. Peatcare, a specialty shop for peat products, sells clean, safe and caring peat products made from Lehtosuo care peat for skin, body and hair care.

"For example, a turf foot treatment that pampers tired feet is easy to implement at home," advises the expert. "The face mask is also an excellent home care product that is suitable for use on all skin types." Ruha says that you can of course also take a peat sauna at home. In the online store, you can get the necessary treatment peat in convenient sachets. "Always remember to protect the home sauna carefully before the peat sauna," reminds Ruha.

Turf treatments are suitable for almost everyone and all ages. However, people suffering from heart and hypertension and pregnant women should avoid warm whole-body treatments.

Lehtosuo Hoitoturve is a registered trademark.

Turf treatment conveniently at home - learn more about Lehtosuo's Turf Treatment products !

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